Bronto to Show Huge Aerial at NATE

Model S-174 XDT features a 174-foot working height


Bronto Skylift, a leading manufacturer of truck-mounted aerial work platforms (AWPs) will be showing and demonstrating their Model S-174 XDT truck-mounted aerial platform in Booth 701 at the National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) UNITE 2017 Conference & Exposition.  Held in Fort Worth, Texas on February 27 – March 2,2017, the Bronto machine will be among the tallest and most versatile aerial devices ever shown at a NATE exposition.

Model S-174 XDT is a telescoping/articulating aerial device that features a 174-foot working height with a whopping 100-feet of horizontal outreach and up to 1,400-pounds capacity in the spacious 93-inch x 36-inch platform. Mounted on a go anywhere chassis, the S-174 XDT allows you to drive to a location and raise the boom to precisely place the working platform almost anywhere on the tower.


And set-up is a breeze – a single control button activates the outriggers and leveling system, which can be positioned in less than a minute. Identical control panels are located on the platform and at the turntable control station for additional safety.

On-hand to explain the many benefits of Bronto aerials will be Alan Hoffman, Tom Goyer, Steve Starling and Janne Pulkkinen of Bronto Skylift, and management of TGM Wind Services including Kevin Darby (CEO, owner), Ripley Clayton (CFO) and Keith Darby (Operations manager). TGM was recently named a distributor of Bronto products for 10 states.

For more information, please contact Janne Pulkkinen, Vice President, Bronto Skylift Inc, tel. 321 666 0286,


Model S-174 XDT features a 174-foot working height

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