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FDIC 2018: Advanced High-Rise Operations Training

Attendees will rotate between stations at an actual high-rise



Curtis Massey
Founder, Massey Emergency Management

Thursday, April 26, 2018 1:30 – 3:15 p.m.


An explosion of mega-towers and dense urban developments with multiple-use components–along with ever-evolving new-age systems and features, such as double stacked independently driven and “destination dispatch” elevators; wooden and 3-D printer high-rise construction; double-curtain wall “breathable – green”; and new super-tall buildings with open air “blow-through” floors and tuned-mass dampers to counter building sway–all demand constant evaluation and revision of existing high-rise standard operating procedures (SOPs). They can never remain stagnant. A strong focus on fighting fires in these unique buildings, where complexity is constantly increasing and there is a need to comprehend and adapt your procedures to meld into how new systems and building features will impact your operations is a must.

Many old-age SOPs do not apply to these modern structures. This class includes an analysis of historical oversights and incorrect methodologies that includes attendees’ examination of key factors surrounding water supply, ventilation, elevators, redundant power supplies, building construction, communications, air supply demand, tactics and strategy, reflex time, and air-balancing/stack effect to determine where to reinforce existing techniques to minimize the potential of a catastrophic high-rise fire.

Multiple life-loss 2017 fires in the United States and the United Kingdom will also be discussed and examined. What works and what doesn’t work is the main driver in this cutting-edge class.

Attendees will rotate between stations at an actual high-rise, extract key nuggets of knowledge from a veteran major city chief and a VA based instructor who has been training big city departments for over 20 years. If possible, we will finish the presentation in the classroom and head outside of the building to look at key elements of a high-rise building nearby to get a practical look at a situation.


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