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Manhattan: Basement Fire in a High-Rise

Three-alarms and special calls transmitted for Box 485



FDNY Response Videos -Recorded on 9/11/18 Fire Location: 330 1st Ave B-6 gave the 10-77 Fire in the basement in a conduit box 13 story MD

B-6 All Hands.

E-237 Act. 14,16,33,5s/c E-22 w/ H.R 2 E-21(C.F.R.D) E-28(H.R Nozzle) L-3,7,11(Fast),9(Fast)s/c L-20,5,24s/c,6s/c,12s/c,18s/c B-6,4,2,1(Safety) R-1 Sq-18 D-1 Rac-1 RB,SB FC,FCB Tac-1 CTU

D-1 PWH @19:30 D-1 s/c a fast truck relief 1 more engine & 2 more trucks
@19:51 D-1 2nd Alarm
@19:59 D-1 we have extension from the manhole into the basement
@19:59 2nd Alarm E-55,15,14,1,7(Comm) E-9 w/ Sat. 1 E-84 Fire & Ice s/c L-3s/c,1(Fast)s/c L-115(Vent)s/c B-8(RUL) R-1 Sq-18 RB,SB FC,FCB(Staging) RM-1 Rac-4 Tac-1 CTU Mask Car-15E(Chief of Fire Academy Randall’s Island DAC Thomas Richardson) Car-3(Chief of Department James E. Leonard) *R1 Sq18 RB SB CTU Tac-1 FC FCB all went 10-8 an assigned back in on the 2nd* MD to FCB you are now the RUL. B8 go 10-8
@20:15 MD to B8 redirected back in to the 2nd as RUL. FCB you are Staging manager
@20:19 D-1 requesting fire and ice unit
@20:20 D-1 2 additional trucks
@20:36 B-8 s/c a vent support unit
@20:38 FC per Car 3 transmit a 3rd Alarm
@20:51 *1st Ave & East 17th St* 3rd Alarm E-16,3,26,24,65,34s/c L-5s/c,20s/c,21s/c,8s/c,116 Act.20s/c L-23(Vent)s/c B-4,9,31s/c,10s/c,12s/c Rac-1 Car-23 Car-6 Car-16C Car-22G Car-33 Car-12 FC per Car 3 s/c 2 additional trucks
@20:59 FC per Car 3 s/c an additional vent support
@21:00 *Seems a lot of units went 10-8 the re assigned on greater alarms* FC per Car 3 s/c 2 Battalion Chief
@21:19 FC per Car 3 s/c 2 Truck Companies
@21:42 FC PWH @22:29 FC s/c 1 additional Engine Ladder & Battalion
@22:46 FC Under Control
@22:50 Relocations: Squad 252 Act. Rescue 1 Engine 210 Act. Engine 5 (Went 10-8 ) Engine 325 Act. Engine 5 Engine 202 Act. Engine 16 (10-8 sent to 28 ) Engine 202 Act. Engine 28 (10-8 sent to 14 ) Engine 202 Act. Engine 14 Engine 59 Act. Engine 55 Engine 238 Act. Engine 15 Engine 291 Act. Engine 1 Ladder 14 Act. Ladder 7 Ladder 102 Act. Ladder 3 (10-8 sent to 11 ) Ladder 102 Act. Ladder 11 Ladder 131 Act. Ladder 9 Ladder 42 Act. Ladder 3 Ladder 16 Act. Ladder 6 Battalion 35 Act. Battalion 2 Battalion 49 Act. Battalion 8 Battalion 48 Act. Battalion 1 (10-8 sent to 1) Battalion 48 Act. Battalion 1


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