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Box 1275 Harlem High-Rise Fire

Loaded up due to calls


(FDNY Response Videos, YouTube)


FDNY Response Videos, with permission

FDNY Response Videos 2020 – Fire Location: 230 East 102nd street off 2nd ave

Fire out the 7th floor Windows

[01:06] MD: Manhattan Phone alarm Box 1275, the address 203 East 102 street, 2nd to 3rd Avenue, fire apt 7 Frank

[01:07] MD: Manhattan to E-53 & B-10 receiving calls for 203 East 102

[01:07] MD: Due to the volume of calls we Loaded Up the Box, you’re gonna have E-44, SQ-41, & R-1

[01:08] E-53: Do you have a better address? There is no 203 East 102.

[01:08] MD: Also Receiving 230 East 102nd street and 1955 2nd Avenue

[01:08] B-10: What was that address that you gave? (MD: 230 or 1995)

[01:09] E-53: Engine 53 to Manhattan 10-77 the box, we have fire out the window on the 7th floor on the corner. 230 East 102nd Street.

[01:09] B-10: Start out an extra engine and truck please (E-37 & L-40)

[01:09] MD Transmits the All-Hands

14 stories
Class 1
NYCHA Washington Houses
8 apts per floor
Scissor Stairs
Standpipe in Stair 1
Risers siamese exposure 2, 102nd street & exposure 3 2nd Avenue

[01:14] MD: Manhattan to Battalion 10, we have calls for fire on the 8th floor, the 6th floor, apt 11D, 10th floor, and 13F for smoke.

[01:15] MD: Medical Branch Resources are Responding

[01:16] B-10: Using All-Hands at the moment, fire is DWH (Duration 11 mins)

[01:28] D-3: Fire on the 7th Floor apt 7F, 2 L/S, 1 L/S/O, MBFKD, DWH (Duration 23 Mins)

E-76 HRN
L-23 Vent
B-16 Safety

E-54 act. 91
L-138 act. 14


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