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Fire on Roof of New York High-Rise

Cooling tower fire at Manhattan Box 0979


(Gregg Templeton, YouTube)


MANHATTAN – The FDNY responded to a fire on the top of a 21-story residential high-rise, according to the New York Post.

Firefighters responded to East 66th Street near Third Avenue just before 2:00 p.m.

The fire involved the cooling tower and was placed under control in a little over 30 minutes.


Address: 200 East 66th St. at 3rd Ave.

Fire on the roof of a 21 story 600×160 mixed occupancy

B-8: We’re several blocks away – We have smoke in the area – Load this up – 13:57

B-8: We’re still 10 blocks away – Go ahead & give a 10-77 – 13:58

TL-13 FAST, E-22 HRN, E-21 CFR, B-11 Safety, E-3 w/ HR-1

B-8: All Hands – Fire in the cooling tower on the roof – Stretching a line – 14:05

D-3: 1 L/S/O – Water on the fire – DWH – 14:17

FC: PWH – 14:25

FC: Under Control – 14:39

Duration: 44 min.

E-39, 44, 8, 23, 22N, 21C
L-16, 2, 13F, 35, 4
B-8, 10, 9, 11S
E-3 w/ HR-1

Some Relocations:
E-68 to E-44
E-262 to E-8
H&L-40 to L-4
TL-163 to TL-13
B-1 to B-9
B-46 to B-8


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