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Fire on the 30th Floor in Manhattan

Sheltering in place on the balcony


(FDNY Response Videos, YouTube)


©FDNY Response Videos 2020

Address: 50 East 89th St. off Madison Ave.

Fire on the 30th floor of a 32 story 150×200 MD

B-10: 10-77 – Fire on the 30th floor – 22:25

L-26 FAST, E-58 HRN, E-39 CFR, B-8 Safety

B-10: All Hands – 1 L/S – 2 occupants of the fire apt. are on the balcony – 22:29

B-10: Extra E&T (E-91 & TL-14) – 22:32

B-10: 2 L/S, 1 L/O – Water on the fire – 22:34

D-3: MBFKD – The occupants are sheltering safely on the balcony – 22:38

D-3: PWH – 22:44

D-3: Under Control – 22:54

Duration: 37 min.

D-3: Transmit 2 10-45 code 4’s – 23:08

E-22, 53, 44, 74, 58N, 39C, 91 s/c
L-13, 43, 26F, 16, 25, 14 s/c
B-10, 12, 11, 8S
E-3 w/ HR-1

E-67 to E-58
L-128 to L-43
TL-23 to TL-13
TL-31 to TL-14
B-45 to B-8
B-17 to B-12


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