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Fire in a Manhattan Commercial High-Rise

Engine 40, Tower 35 first-due





Here you will see the FDNY battling a 10-77 high-rise fire on Riverside Boulevard on the Upper West Side area of Manhattan in New York City


10 Riverside Blvd between West 59 and West 61 Streets

Fire on the 1st floor commercial in a hi-rise MD, All-Hands going to work

Div. 3 to MAN: MBFKD.

Div. 3 to MAN: (2) additional trucks (L016, L024)

E40/TL35 First Due


E040, E023, E054, E034, E074, E008

T035, L004, L025F, T021, L002, L016s/c, L024s/c

RS01, SQ18

  1. 9, 8, 11

Div. 3





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