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Bronx Eighth Floor Fire

Fire at Box 2340, East 161 Street


(Skyler Fire, YouTube)


Skyler Fire

751 E161st, fire 8th fl

B26 – 10-77 will get back with particulars @0056

B26 – Using all hands for fire 8th floor. 1 L/S/O. Seems like heavy rubbish in the hallway. @0100

B26 – Apt 8E and 8F to shelter in place.

D6 – PWH
SB, FC 10-8

D6 – Under Control. 10-41 code 1. Second rubbish fire tonight. @0113. Duration: 26 minutes.

*Bronx is coming in but not some of the units

E073 E071 E050 E060
E092 (High Rise Nozzle)
E83 (CFRD)
L042 L055 L019F
L048 T031
BC26 BC03 BC14 BC17S
RS03 SQ41
DC06 DC06

E64 act E73
E69 act E71
E88 act E50
E81 act E60
L50 act L31
B10 act B26


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