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Fire on 18th Floor in Brooklyn

10-77 at Brooklyn Box 653


(FDNY Response Videos, YouTube)


FDNY Response Videos

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Address: 433 Lafayette Avenue – at Franklin Avenue

Fire on the 18th floor of a 20 story 50×180 MD.

Multiple boxes out in the area. Lots of companies in the area.

1046 – Div. 11 – We’re at the box on Lafayette. We’ll get back to you with a code.

1048 – Div. 11 – Transmit the 10-77.

L-132 FAST

1050 – Bn. 57 – At this time, we have fire out the windows on the 18th floor. Units making their way up.

1056 – Div. 11 – All Hands – Fire in Apt. 18C. 1 L/S/O. Water on the fire. Trucks opening up, searches in progress.

1107 – Div. 11 – Primaries are negative on the fire floor and floors above except for the fire apartment, due to a clutter condition.

1121 – Div. 11 – Primaries are complete and negative in the fire apartment with the exception of the fire room.

1127 – Div. 11 – Secondaries are complete and negative throughout. Under Control – Duration 47 minutes.

E-235, 210, 216, 230, 280 HRN, 211 CFRD
L-102, 108, 132F, 119, 110
B-57, 35, 31, 37 Safety
TL-115 Vent Support

E-225 act. E-280
E-262 act. E-211
B-46 act. B-37


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