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VES at Harlem High-Rise

Fire on the seventh floor


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FDNY Response Videos

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70 East 108 Street – Park Avenue to Madison Avenue

L-26 reports Fire out the window

BC12 using All-Hands, Fire in apartment 7B on the 7th floor of a 20 story fireproof MD

BC12 to MAN: Water on the fire

Div. 3 to MAN: Anyone calling from above the fire looking for instructions, tell them to stay inside their apartment.

Manhattan sending a list of apartments to the MDT

MAN to BC12: Also getting 18B for smoke too.

Div. 3 to MAN: 2L/S, 1L/O. Primaries are negative. DWH.

E058, E091, E053, E035, E022, E047
L026, L043, T014F, T013, T022
RS01, SQ41
BC. 12, 10, 11, 16
Div. 3



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