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Drone Used on Rooftop Fire at Manhattan High-Rise

FDNY uses drone at commercial high-rise fire


(FDNY Response Videos, YouTube)


FDNY Response Videos

©FDNY Response Videos 2020

Address: 15 West 28 Street – at Broadway

Fire on the roof of a 10 story 25×50 mixed occupancy.

1535 – Bn. 7 – Transmit the 10-76. Fire on the roof.


1538 – Div. 1 – Can you assign an additional Truck (L-4).

1540 – Bn. 7 – We have a fire in a temporary structure on the roof. Attack stair “A”. In the process of stretching a line.

1542 – Bn. 7 – The fire is in the penthouse apartment. We have water on the fire.

1556 – Div. 1 – All Hands – Fire in a separate metal structure on the roof. 2 L/S, 1 L/O. Primaries are negative on the top floor and staircase. DWH

1603 – Div. 1 – Primaries and secondaries are complete and negative on the roof structure. Secondaries are negative on the top floor. PWH – Duration 44 minutes.

E-1, 16, 3, 14 Lobby, 34 CFRD, 7 Communications
E-39 w/ High Rise 2
L-24, 7, 12F, 3, 21, 4 s/c
B-7, 6, 2, 9, 8 Safety
RB, SB, FC, Tac 1, MSU

E-216 act. E-1
L-43 act. L-4
B-49 act. B-8
B-32 act. B-6


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