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Rescue, Shelter in Place at Manhattan High-Rise Fire

Fire on the 18th floor of a 21-story apartment building


(FDNY Response Videos, YouTube)


FDNY Response Videos

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Address: 251 East 32 Street – at 2nd Avenue

Fire on the 18th floor of a 21 story 150×100 MD.

1645 – Bn. 6 – Transmit the 10-77. Fire in Apt. 18C. Attack stair “Y”.


1649 – Bn. 6 – All Hands – 1 L/S, not yet in operation. Searches are in progress.

1650 – Bn. 6 – 1 L/S/O. We have a heavy clutter condition.

1659 – Div. 1 – 1 L/S/O, water on the fire. Primaries are in progress. People reported to be on the roof check out.

1708 – Div. 1 – MBFKD. Primaries are negative in the fire apartment, secondaries are in progress. The occupant of 18C is sheltering in place on the balcony with members.

1712 – Div. 1 – We have (1) 10-45 no code. Primaries are negative on the 18th floor.

E-16, 21, 1, 14, 26 HRN, 65 CFRD
L-7, 24, 3F, 2, 12
B-6, 8, 7, 9 Safety
E-3 w/ High Rise 1
Car 2H, Car 23


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