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Air Management

The Myth of Air

Climbing with spare cylinders was next to impossible     By Michael M. Dugan Imagine you are responding to a fire in a high-rise building in your jurisdiction. Upon arrival, you have a working fire on the upper floor. The ...

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Breathing Air and Firefighter Safety

Recent years have provided much more information about the increasing health risks to firefighters during the normal course of doing their job. One aspect is the toxicity of the environment in which the firefighters work. The content of the smoke ...

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FARS: Why Have I Never Heard Of This?

Why have you never heard of them? Because the fire service has a history of being slow to change   By Michael M. Dugan FARS, the short version of “firefighter air replenishment systems,” are an in-building air system similar to ...

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Live Demo of FARS

See a live demonstration of the air replenishment system known as FARS.

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Safety During Overhaul

They need a refill but may not want to go through the effort to replenish if they are "just doing overhaul work.”

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