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The Memphis Regis Tower Fire Tragedy

A line of duty death anniversary     HighRise Ops Staff MEMPHIS, Tennessee – On April 11, 1994, at 0205 hours, a call was placed to the Memphis Fire Department from the security service for a high-rise apartment building in ...

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Getting Familiar with Standpipe Systems

Training with Paul Dansbach     Fire Engineering Paul Dansbach looks at some of the details on a typical building standpipe system, including a combination sprinkler-standpipe riser, control valves, a pressure regulating device, and roof manifold.

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One Meridian Plaza Fire

A Building Construction Awareness Project     Fire Engineering In this Building Construction Awareness Project presentation, the panel speaks with Charles Jennings about the One Meridian Plaza fire in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This high-rise fire February 23, 1991, wrecked numerous floors ...

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Cambridge High-Rise Fire Audio

“For the companies responding to Concord Ave, police report heavy smoke showing from the building.”     Fireground Audio Archive – a 911 ERV Channel Fireground audio from the four-alarm fire in Cambridge, MA on 1/12/2021. Audio is not in ...

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Glenside, PA: High-Rise Ops

How one department trains for high-rise firefighting     Glenside Fire Company Kevin explaining the thinking and actions behind a driver/operator’s duties on a high rise operation while Jack performs them. The pump operator always has one of the most ...

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