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Manhattan High-Rise Basement Fire

Fire in the basement of a commercial high-rise     THEMAJESTIRIUM1 Here you will see the FDNY operating at a 10-76 high-rise commercial fire in the basement electrical machine room in the Verizon building on West 36th Street in the ...

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Fire at Manhattan Projects

Fire on the 16th floor of a 21-story apartment building     Skyler Fire, THEMAJESTIRIUM1, and FDNY Response Videos Address: 3150 Broadway at La Salle St. Fire on the 16th floor of a 21 story 200×50 MD BC12 – Transmit ...

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Manhattan High-Rise All-Hands Box 1320

Fire in a 20-story multiple dwelling     FDNY Response Videos ©FDNY Response Videos 2020 Fire Location: 70 East 108th St B-12 gave the 10-77 Fire on the 3rd floor of a 20 story MD E-58,91,53,35 E-47(H.R Nozzle) E-76(C.F.R.D) L-26,43,14(Fast) ...

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