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Fire Suppression Systems: Valves

Training with Miami Dade Fire Rescue     Miami Dade Fire Rescue This is the second of a four part video series on the function and components of fire suppression systems. Part 2 will examine the function and requirements for ...

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How to Improvise a Cleveland or Coil Load for Standpipe Operations

Training with Bill Gustin     Miami Dade Fire Rescue This video examines how to improvise a “Cleveland”/coil from hose configured in conventional horseshoe or accordion bundle folds. This procedure may be necessary when the length of a hallway is ...

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Fire Department Connection Tandem Pumping

High-Rise Fire Pumping Operations     Miami Dade Fire Rescue – As the skyline of Miami-Dade County continues to be filled with high rise buildings, Miami-Dade Fire Rescue (MDFR) has devised a procedure to boost pressure in a building’s standpipe ...

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Miami Dade: 2” Interior Hallway High-Rise Deployment

Training using three 75-foot bundles     Miami Dade Fire Rescue Miami Dade Fire Rescue – This 2″ High-Rise evolution demonstrates a quick and efficient method of hose deployment and advancement. With a coordinated effort, the fire attack team, which ...

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Humpday Hangout: High-Rise Operations

From shelter-in-place to elevator operations     Fire Engineering – Join Bill, Mike, and a panel of fire officers as they discuss high rise fire operations. Special guests will be Chief Danny Sheridan, FDNY, who will discuss the practicality of ...

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Miami-Dade Fire Rescue High-Rise Hose Deployment

Training moment with the crew from 38     Eligio Batista – MDFR Platform 38 2-inch hose deployment. How to deploy 2-inch hose for high rise operations.

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