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Standpipe Operations

Engine company training with Bill Gustin     The Fire Academy Gustin his vast expertise in large building response to teach the best ways to use the structures standpipes when setting up attack hoselines. ATTEND COURSE Presented by Bill Gustin ...

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South Burlington, VT High-Rise Pack

Build and Deploy     South Burlington Firefighters This video explains our high rise pack. It is divided into three sections, introduction, the build, and finally deployment. Each of our fire suppression pieces carries this hose load.

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Getting Familiar with Standpipe Systems

Training with Paul Dansbach     Fire Engineering Paul Dansbach looks at some of the details on a typical building standpipe system, including a combination sprinkler-standpipe riser, control valves, a pressure regulating device, and roof manifold.

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One Meridian Plaza Fire

A Building Construction Awareness Project     Fire Engineering In this Building Construction Awareness Project presentation, the panel speaks with Charles Jennings about the One Meridian Plaza fire in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This high-rise fire February 23, 1991, wrecked numerous floors ...

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