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The Standpipe Kit

Some of the fundamental tools (Fire Engineering)Fire Engineering – Training Minutes Revisited: Lieutenant Ray McCormack of the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) reviews some of the fundamental tools and devices for standpipe operations. These videos are for training demonstration ...

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Video: Bend, OR Standpipe Ops

Training with the Bend Fire Department     Bend Fire Department Training Division – Hoze/Nozzle – Standpipe Operations

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High-Rise Pack Loading and Deployment

One department’s way to make up and use their standpipe rack     Nick Strong – High-rise pack loading and deployment

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Miami-Dade Fire Rescue High-Rise Hose Deployment

Training moment with the crew from 38     Eligio Batista – MDFR Platform 38 2-inch hose deployment. How to deploy 2-inch hose for high rise operations.

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The Apartment Stretch

Using the right tactics and equipment, firefighters can easily bring 2½-inch attack line and position it for use in attacking an apartment fire. Dave McGrail walks through the process.

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