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VES at Harlem High-Rise

Fire on the seventh floor     FDNY Response Videos ©FDNY Response Videos 2020 70 East 108 Street – Park Avenue to Madison Avenue L-26 reports Fire out the window BC12 using All-Hands, Fire in apartment 7B on the 7th ...

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Pressurization Technique for Clearing Smoke

Training with Miami Dade Fire Rescue     Fire Engineering Bill Gustin and members of the Miami Dade Fire Rescue Hazmat Bureau share a technique to clear smoke from an area using a pressurization concept derived from confined space ventilation ...

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Smoke Curtain Use

Another option in door control     Fire Engineering Training Minutes: Sean Gray, Chad Christensen, and company offer a brief tutorial on the use of smoke curtains for controlling the flow path. These videos are for training demonstration purposes only. ...

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