Manhattan Transformer Fire, High-Rise Carbon Monoxide

10-75 for Box 861 at East 51st Street



FDNY Response Videos – From
Address: 305 East 51 Street – at 2nd Avenue High CO in a 32 story 125×125 MD under construction.

1618 – Bn. 8 – Transmit the 10-75. We have high CO readings. L-2 FAST 1621 – Bn. 8 – Special call a Vent Support Unit (E-22 w/ High Rise 2).

1624 – Bn. 8 – We have CO readings of 250-300 ppm. We are partially evacuating the building. Ladder 16 will be FAST.

1637 – Div. 3 – We are going to need 2 additional Trucks (TL-7, L-24).

1643 – Div. 3 – We have a transformer blown at the corner. All elevators are out. We need OEM and Con-Ed.

Maybe: E-8, 21, 65, 54 L-4, 2, 16F, 7 s/c, 24 s/c B-8, 9 S-18 R-1 D-3 E-22 w/ High Rise 2



High CO in a 32 story 125x125 MD

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